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If you’ve flown within the last 6 years and your flight was disrupted due to an airline issue, you may be entitled to receive over £500 per passenger in compensation.

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Disrupted Flight Compensation

Under EU rule 261/2004, if your flight was disrupted causing you to arrive later than 3 hours after the original arrival time, then it is your right to receive compensation from the airline. The compensation can be over £500 per passenger in the form of cash, electronic bank transfer, cheque or travel vouchers, based on your preference. Avoid the costs and hassle of pursuing the airline yourself, our professionals can handle everything on your behalf with zero upfront fees on a no win, no fee basis.

Important points to consider:

  • Claims must relate to flights from 2012 onwards.
  • The flight must have been scheduled to depart from an EU airport, and can include any airline; or arrive at an EU airport using an EU carrier.
  • Flight disruptions must be due to an issue with the airline. Extraordinary circumstances are not covered.
  • The compensation will be proportional to the distance of the flight that was scheduled.

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